Performance Squad

These gymnasts train between 2 and 25 hours a week, working towards county, regional and national level competitions. This level of gymnastics requires a lot of commitment from both the gymnasts and their families, attending training, competitions and camps all over the country.

Trials available on request.

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Junior Squad 1 and 2

This group is for gymnasts starting the Compulsory grades or working towards the National Grade Pathway. Our Junior squad gymnasts train 10-17 hours a week.

This age group has the largest number of options for competition pathways, so these girls are continually assessed to make sure they are on the most optimum pathway for their gymnastics career.

Senior Squad 2

This group is the senior group for National Grades and out of age levels. They train 12-18 hours a week and compete at regional, national and invitational competitions. This group caters for a variety of levels and aims to help these senior gymnasts fulfil their potential and maintain their love and commitment to the sport.

Senior Squad 1

Senior Squad 1 are our highest level gymnasts, competing upper Compulsory and National Grades, in and out of age levels working towards Challenge and British FIG. They train 22-25 hours a week and are hugely committed to their sport, with gymnasts competing at the British Championships and Challenge Cup and regularly qualifying to national finals in their chosen pathways. 


All of our competitive groups are fantastic role models to our younger gymnasts. They attend training camps and competitions all over the country and are a credit to our club wherever they go.

Squad System

Prep Foundation

This group is for 4-6 year olds moving up from our Prep School +  or recreational classes. Introducing fundamental skills, shaping and conditioning for all aspects of gymnastics, as well as teaching confidence and focus. 

Prep Development

5-7 year olds, this group train a maximum of twice a week for 2 hours each session. This group guides these young gymnasts towards the competitive squads, and teaches them the beautiful basics they will need to learn higher level skills.


Development squad gymnasts are starting to work towards competition. They aim to progress to Junior squad to continue working towards Compulsory Grades, National Grades or our Novice Squad Pathway. 

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