Our absolute priority is keeping our gymnasts, parents and carers, and staff safe. We have been working hard to ensure that tour risks assessments are up to date, that there are comprehensive social distancing measures and enhanced cleaning regimes in place for when we can open our doors. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How will you keep the gym and the equipment safe and clean?


We have updated our risk assessment to cover this current situation.  Staff have been trained in infection control and given clear instructions about howe the gym will run

A deep clean has taken place and we have enhanced our cleaning practices -

  • Equipment will be sanitised before and after each class

  • Regular cleaning of touch points around the gym

  • Hand sanitiser stations will be set up at the entrance and around the gym.  Staff will also carry their own hand sanistiser which the gym will provide

  • The toilets and handwashing sinks will be cleaned between each class

  • All vinyl mats and other nonporous surfaces will be cleaned with liquid disinfectant during and between each class.

  • All porous surfaces will be sprayed with either Lysol, or a 70% alcohol based cleaning solution between and during each class. This will be used on items such as the bars, beam, vault, tumble track, etc.

Help us keep everyone safe by keeping a 2-metre distance when you're in the gym. Introduction of a one way system for drop off and collection, floor markings and signage will guide you.


Will I be able to watch in the waiting area?


Parents are encouraged to drop off their gymnast to limit the number of people in the waiting room. The reception / waiting area will no longer be available to sit and wait in.  We do request where possible to drop off or wait in your car.


What if my child isn't happy for me to leave them?


If you believe your child will be unhappy for your leave them or may have issues focusing and maintaining social distancing, we may ask that you stay to help enforce the policies and procedures.  Please speak to the coaches about any concerns

How many children will be in each class?

To help us all follow social distancing guidelines, we will limit the number of gymnasts in the gym at one time and will await any specific advice from the Government.  Coaches will be on hand to ensure we welcome you into the gym when it’s safe to do so.  

We will be staggering the class times so we can control the number of gymnasts and parents to avoid overcrowding and there will be a one way system around the outside of the gym for drop off and collection. The gym will have clear areas marked for gymnasts to wait in before their class starts and areas have been cleared to ensure that there is enough space to adhere to social distancing.

What should you bring?

All gymnasts are required to wear their leotard/sports clothes to the gym to avoid changing in the bathrooms. Please make sure your gymnast brings a bag with the following inside: Water Bottle, Hand Sanitiser, Mask (if desired)

Will Phoenix coaches be wearing PPE?

Our coaches will be on hand to provide guidance around the gym. They might be wearing PPE - each coach has the option to wear this if they wish to. If you have any questions or feedback on your experience, don’t hesitate to chat to one of them.

  • Staff are required to wash/sanitise their hands before and after every class.  Stations will also be available to them during the class and they will have a hand sanitiser with them.

  • All staff will be asked to check their temperature before they come to work and they will be asked to sign that they have been well when they come to work.


Will Phoenix coaches be able to spot/help my child?

Staff will do their best to maintain the recommended distance from your gymnast while they are practicing, but if the gymnast is in physical danger or needs to be spotted for their safety, they will step in. 

Does my child have to wear a facemask?               

We do not recommend that gymnasts wear masks while in class, but they have the option to do so if they like. We will require that all gymnasts wash their hand/sanitise before and after class.


Will equipment be shared?

Gymnasts will remain apart at all times during their class. Each gymnast will have their own set of equipment if required.  For some of the equipment that needs to be shared due to limited quantity, we will be sanitising it between gymnasts but please note that the large equipment – beam, bars and vault will not be cleaned between gymnasts but cleaned daily/between classes. 

What should I do if my child is ill before or after class? 

Please do not send your gymnast in if they have a temperature or feel unwell or any of the family/household is unwell.  If you child falls ill with suspected Corona virus symtoms then it is very important that you let us know so we can inform your child's coach and group. 

We look forward to welcoming you back.