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New Recreational Programme at Phoenix!

From September 2017, the recreational class programme at Phoenix will be under going a complete reinvention. This area of the club has our biggest client base and has been due some attention for quite some time!

We have appointed two new co heads of the recreational department, Kate and Olivia, who some of you will know as senior coaches within the club already, working with pre school and squad. Both have worked at Phoenix for a number of years and are well aquainted with how things have been run previously, and are keen to make their mark with some positive changes to ensure every child is fulfilling their potential within our system.

Classes will now run through half terms, and only break for Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays.


The first big change we have implemented is switching our badge system to the British Gymnastics Core Proficiency scheme, and the Advanced Proficiency; bronze, silver and gold awards. These awards have clear progression through all the stages of learning gymnastics and are designed and supplied by British Gymnastics so you can be confident your child is achieving in line with gymnasts at other BG clubs across the country!

Badge testing will now take place on weeks 3 and 9 of every term, and additionally week 12 of the Spring term. These will be a separate payment to your class fees, and will be sent out every time your child passes a badge.

As we introduce our new system we will be starting each class at an appropriate point in the British Gymnastics awards scheme for their current ability level, which means some classes will be starting half way through the scheme, at badge 5 for example. If your child would like to complete the full set of badges, they will have the opportunity to be signed off on the badges underneath the one that they are starting at on “Badge testing marathon” days, which will be organised throughout the term, on occasional Sundays.

Christmas Display

This year, as with previous years, we will be holding a Christmas Display! All of our recreational gymnasts are invited to take part providing they would like to and are available on the weekend of the performances. Letters regarding this will go out in October so look out for them if you’d like to take part!

Club Championships

Towards the end of the Summer term, we will be reintroducing the club championships, where all of our recreational gymnasts will have the opportunity to compete against other gymnasts across the club who are the same level as they are. Levels will be organised according the which badge your child is on at the beginning of the summer term and the routines they compete designed in line with the skills in that badge. The levels will also be split by age where appropriate.We think this will be a great end to a year of gymnastics, and a fantastic way to recognise their achievements!

We continue to look for ways to improve our recreational system and lots more changes are in the pipeline – our coaches are receiving extra training, new rec leotards will be available very soon, and our new online system has lots of exciting options for tracking progress and providing feedback that will be introduced in the new year, so watch this space!

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