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Raising the Bar

Following a fantastic campaign by Denise Tuke, a parent of one of our senior squad 1 gymnasts Sasha, we have been awarded £10,000 by the One Family Foundation as part of their community awards programme! Denise and Sasha managed to secure us a slot in the competition and thanks to our wonderful members and their friends and families, we received well over 900 votes, securing our place as one of the winning applicants.

This award couldn't have been better timed, as the money will go a long way towards paying for our new bar area which will include: a new single bar over the pit for safely practising new skills, a new 'U' pit, which is a bar over a narrow tunnel designed to help coaches support the gymnasts, and new foam and surround for the pit itself! The equipment is state of the art from gymnastics supplier Gymnova, and has the essential benefit of being portable, ready for when we move into our new facility. All our members, from pre school and rec gymnasts, to all our squads, will benefit hugely from this much needed update to the bar area.

Go Team Phoenix!

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